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no because her skin gets rough and it does not look good when she wears a bikini when she is 92 years old

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Q: Can a 92 year old lady wear a bikini?
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You are a 56kg girl who is 5'2'' can you wear a bikini and you have a flat tummy too?

anyone can wear a bikini.... if you are 13 dont wear something a 25 year old would wear. Be age appropriate not skanky looking

Should you let your twelve year old wear a bikini?

Yes as long as it covers them up.

Can a 13 year old boy wear a thong bikini?

if you want... nobody can stop you...

Should I a 5'1 16 year old with 38D and a large tummy wear a bikini?

If you are confident with yourself (which you should be) then you should absolutely wear the bikini!!! Only wear it if you think you look good and you want to wear it, not to impress anyone else. Everyone has a beautiful body, and I'm sure you can find a bikini that makes you look and feel sexy.

How old does a girl have to be to wear a bikini in public?

she can be any age

Should 11 year old girls wear bikini panties?

yes. now a days in a year or two you will ask yourself the same question, so just do it.

Is this bikini appropriate for a 12 year old?

uhh i

Is a 16 year old too young for a sexy bikini ?

If I am the parent of the 16 year old, definitely! But yes, at age 16, the focus should be on a "cute", fashionable bikini and leave the the "sexy" look for the twenty year olds!

Why is miss fiori bikini not suitable for children under the age of 14 to wear it?

because too inappropriate for 14 year old's and younger cause shows of nudity and play boy...

Is an 130 pound 15 year old girl at 5'7 too big to get a belly button piercing or wear a bikini?

That is perfectly normal body weight for your age and height. Try wearing a bikini, if you feel comfortable in it then more power to you. As for a belly ring I've seen all shapes and sizes with them.

How old is Lady Gaga 2011?

lady gaga is 25 years old this year of 2011

Should you wear a string bikini to the beach with your boyfriend since you have 26AAA breasts and you are seventeen yrs old?

yes its normal for people to do that