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Yes, on multiple occasions he has FU`d the Big Show so Henry would be no problem.

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Q: Can John Cena lift Mark Henry up?
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Can John Cena knock out Mark Henry?

Most probably not. john Cena has however, on several occasions, lifted Mark Henry off his feet for an FU. So he can lift and pin Henry. But, only with his bare hands, he cannot knock out Mark Henry. The Big Show or Great Khali probably can though because they have the weight and strength.

Why did john cena decide start to lift weights?

john cena started to lift weights because he was picked on by other kids when he was small

Does john cena work out everyday?

Ya da!How do you think he lift people and does the AA

At what age did john cena lift weights?

he started when he was real young but he got really in to it at about 16

Is john cena stronger than big show?

Yes. If you count how much Cena works out compared to Big Show, although 'Show is big, I'm sure Cena would be able to lift a lot more than even the Big Show himself. :-)

Is batista the strongest wrestler?

Yes, it is. He was able to lift superheavyweight like the big show, mark henry and the great khali.

Can Batista lift up The Big Show?

yes, he has done it before. if you look at him and john cena standing beside each other, batista is bigger. he is way more cut too.

How much weight can the big show bench press?

around 600 pounds but john cena can lift 7

How many pounds can john cena pick up?

well at wrestle mania he picked up big show and edge which comes to about 734 pounds, 52.428571114 stones, 332 kg This is not precise but he may be able to lift more but hope this helped

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How much can WWE mark Henry bench?

Mark Henry's Powerliftting records are: 585 - Bench 953lbs - Squat 905 - Deadlift. I am not totally sure if he achieved these numbers without a lifting suit or not, but the Squat, which he lifted in high school was reported to be minimally equipped.

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