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Nope, they are just really good friends :)

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Q: Caitlin beadles dating chaz somers
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What was jusitn bieber childhood friend called?

Theres...... Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, Christian Beadles and Caitlin Beadles

Does Justin have unfamous friends?

yeah loadz there is Ryan butler,chaz somers,Caitlin beadles,shahnaz alamgir,kiersey clemons.....................

Is one Justin biebers friends named Cynthis?

not that i know of. the names of Justin bieber's friends are Caitlin Beadles, Christian Beadles, Ryan Butler, and Chaz Somers.

Who are Justin Bieber best friends in Canada?

Justin Bieber's childhood friends were Christian Beadles, Caitlin Beadles(yes they dated),Chaz Somers, Ashty Tovi, and Ryan Butler. :]

Whta is Justin Biebers best friend?

Justin Bieber's best friends are Ryan Butler, Natasha Delgado, Chaz Somers, Victoria Racz and Christian and Caitlin Beadles (:

Who are Justin beieber friends?

Ryan Butler Christian Beadles, and Chaz Somers

Who is Chaz Somers currently dating?

Sarah Greening

Who is that guy that hangs out with Justin Bieber?

Christian Beadles, or Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, and Chaz's girlfriend Cassidy McLemoreBieber is not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does chaz somers have a girlfriend?

yes , he is dating sarah greening.

Did chaz somers get girlfriend pregnant?

Yes. They are still dating

What were the 3 names of Justin biebers friends name?

Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers & Christian Beadles

Does joraldo hudgens know christian beadles?

yes he know he's good friends with christian beadles and also chaz somers and Justin bieber