Bret micheals first band

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His first band was Paris aka Poison. But before that him and Rikki rocket had a band caled smantha 7 which latter cc deville became the lead singer.

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Q: Bret micheals first band
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Who is Bret Micheals?

Bret Micheals was in the band poison and has a show called the Rock of Love. Also he has a song on Guitar III which is an awesome song.

Who is Brett micheals?

He's the lead singer in the rock band Poison

What are the band members names in Bret michaels band?

Bret Michaels, Pete Evick, Lucky Chucky, Dirty Ray and Robi W.

What band was Bret Michaels a part of?


What does the Bret micheals cheat do on Guitar Hero 3?

The Bret Michaels cheat is a code that can be entered in the Cheats menu, under Options (I don't know what the cheat is, look it up on It allows you to replace the in-game singer with a computer rendition of Bret Michaels (lead singer of 1980's glam band Poison), for the songs Talk Dirty To Me and Go That Far. This cheat is only available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

How much money does Bret michaels band make?

Bret Michaels gets $64,000 a night even without Poison

Who sang Every Rose Has Its Thorn in the 1980s?

The band Poison, fronted by Bret Michaels.

Who is the main vocalist of the band Poison?

Bret Michaels was the former lead singer of Poison

Who sung WWE d-generation x song?

the chris warren band they were origonaly going to be the dx band but triple h and Shawn micheals threatend to sue so they changed it to the band name you know today the chris warren band.

What is the sexual orientation of Bret Michaels?

Bret Michaels is, of course, not gay. He taped a sex-video of Pamela Anderson and himself - is that not evidence enough? In the 80s glam- or hair-metal bands used a lot of hairspray, cosmetics etc. and Poison (Bret`s Band) were the most extreme band in that style. But Michaels, no, he is not gay, he even has children!

Who sang every rose has a thorn?

The band Poison. Bret Michaels sang "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". He is the member of the American Metal band "Poison".

What are then names of the band members of poison?

Bret Michaels- Bret Michael Sychak C.C. Deville-Bruce Anthony Johannession Bobby Dall-Robert Harry Kuykendall Rikki Rockett-Richard Alan Ream

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