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persuade the audience to buy something.

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Q: Both plain folks and snob appeal are intended to?
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Don't drive during your rhythm is a common term used for folks who experience circadian rhythm. Because it is both a safety and health hazard, it is best not to drive if you're experiencing circadian rhythms.

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The talented singer was Miki Howard, formerly with a group called Side Effect, who later became famous as a solo artist. (Check out her discography!) This is one of my favorite songs, and I'd always wondered who the female singer was. Roy anwered the question during a conversation we had when I brought him to town for a concert. Both Roy and Miki are true talents who are down to earth good folks.

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Both moms in each of these cases were all alone without the fathers support and both moms never received any proper precounseling about the affects of adoption on them the fathers or their children other the a quick phone call (after the birth) of their babies at the hospital with a social worker..for 15 minutes.. working on the side of the adopting family. Both women never had a personal lawyer of their own looking out for their legal rights to change their minds or to parent their baby. No personal lawyer to even explain the adoption forms in detail that they were signing and both women were given adoption papers to sign within 40 to 72 hours after giving birth and both were still in the hospital and both on pain medication. The cases are similar that neither woman told the birth fathers about the children until the child was already taken by the adopting family and neither father had signed over their rights to their children to be adopted out. The cases as alike in the fact that the natural parents both went back to court to get their children back when both children were still very young infants but in both cases the adoptive family refused to give back the baby and drug it out in constant appeals through the court systems for years to be able to bond with the children and had to returned them as toddlers. Both cases made public sideshows of the poor kids in the media and that public negative attention coming from the adopting families knowing they were losing appeal after appeal and hoping to gain public notice. Both baby Jessica and Baby Richard had a media circus of screaming people and cameras snapping photo's of the scared child being taken from the adoptive homes instead of a quiet exchange in a private place as to not put the child through anymore trama. Both cases received donations to the adopted families and free legal aid and later books and movie deals! 15+ years later both kids have grow up and say they rember nothing or very little of the adoptive families or the battle that went on around them and both kids now say they agree with the courts and are very happy they were given back to their real parents who they love dearly! Baby Anna...and Baby Danny.. have been reported as saying they dont want or plan to contact the people that tried to adopt and raise them in the future and they both side with their natural parents saying they were kidnapped or stolen as babies by people that used the legal system to hold on to them for as long as they could.

What targeted audience does Lion King the movie appeal to?

The Lion King specifically is targeted and appeals to children. However, with it's themes of family and power and betrayal, it strikes a cord with a wider audience allowing adults to enjoy the film too.

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