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Because 1: Piggy and Ralph got the conch they used as a talking power in the assemblies; 2:Ralph is still the leader after all; 3: Piggy owns the specs, he has the power to take what he owns back in a civilized group(but apparently it is not)

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Q: Both piggy and Ralph made the mistake of believing they could reason with jack?
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What two optoins did Ralph think he had for escape?

Ralph decided that he could either hide and hope that the hunters went past his iding place without spotting him or he could break the advancing line of hunters, with getting spotted.

How does Ralph react to Piggy's idea to make a sundial?

Ralph ridicules it as pointless by saying "yes and then we could build a radio and a televison." When Piggy explains that all you need is a stick to make a sundial Ralph tells Piggy to, "Shut up."

What info does Ralph get from sam and Eric?

Ralph finds out from Sam & Eric that Ralph will be hunted down by Jack's tribe and Roger will "sharpen a stick at both ends". That could mean that Jack's wants Ralph's head, or something symobic like the harm done onto another causes harm to oneself.

At the end of chapter 5 what does Ralph wish for?

After the meeting broke up at the end of chapter 5 Ralph, Simon and Piggy bemoaned the absence of adults on the island. Ralph said, and I quote... "I wish my father... O, what's the use?" A lttle later he also said, and I quote... "If only they could send a message to us," cried Ralph desperately. "If only they could send us something grown-up... a sign or something."

What is ironic about the fire the tribe creates to flush out Ralph?

It's so thickly coated with irony, Ralph's plan throughout the entire book is to keep a fire going to be rescued, Jack could care less. Also, Jack wanted to flush out the island with fire just to finish Ralph off, when instead it brings rescue to Ralph.

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What is Ralph's opinion of his appearance as chapter 7 begins?

Ralph wishes he could fix his appearance and he hates how long his hair is; he wishes he could look more civilized.

How does Wreck-It Ralph end?

they get married and yeah. oh and also, Ralph and Venellope become great friends and Ralph loves job. He alos learns that how bad could he be.

What did philosophers of the Enlightenment have faith in believing it could answer questions and solve problems?


What do the boys attempt to do to Ralph?

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