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yes bernie mac does have a lazy i even watch bernie mac show

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Q: Bernie Mac did bernie have the lazy eye?
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How do i get my girlfriend to let me blow loads in her eye?

Talk to her like your bernie mac!

What song was playing in Bernie Mac season 5 episode 22 when Jordan was dancing?

eye of the tiger

What happened to the flyer 1?

the number 1 was retired from the Flyers when Bernie Parent retired Early after an eye injury.

Did any NHL goalie's career end with an injury from a puck?

Bernie Parent (According to Wiki, Bernie Parent, the great Flyers goalie, had a carrer-ending injury during a game but it was caused when "an errant stick entered the right eye hole of his mask, causing permanent damage to his vision.")

Can you fix a dogs lazy eye?

A dogs lazy eye can be fixed by putting a patch over the strong eye. this will force to dog to use its weak lazy eye and will make it stronger and hopefully straighten its eye.

Who sings lazy eye music in Chevy commercial?

Lazy Eye is sung by the Silversun Pickups.

What are the release dates for Eye for an Eye - 2003 Lazy Mechanic?

Eye for an Eye - 2003 Lazy Mechanic was released on: USA: 21 November 2005

What is lazy eye?

A lazy eye is when it turns out or in when the other one is still looking forward. It can sometimes be corrected at an early age by patching the good eye so the muscle in the lazy eye becomes stronger. Our son had to have his surgically straightened. Just because the eye is lazy doesn't always mean the vision is compromised.

What does lazy eye do?

The impairment of vision in the lazy eye occurs in three phases. In the first (suspension) phase, the brain turns the weaker eye on and off. In the second (suppression) phase, the brain turns off the lazy eye indefinitely.

Can you get a lazy eye fixed?

Before adulthood, a simple surgery can get a lazy eye fixed. In cases where a lazy eye is caused by the difference in the refractive error between both eyes, a lazy eye can be targeted with a surgery in adulthood as well. But in other forms of adult lazy eye, surgery isn't as helpful. Instead, a novel vision therapy, which is FDA approved and proposed by Revitalvision, can help fix a lazy eye within 30 training sessions using a computer program.

Does robin tunney have a glass eye?

No she has a lazy eye

What are treaments for lazy eye?

There are a number of What are treatments for lazy eye. The common methods includes encouraging the use of the eye and diagnosing any underlying eye problems among others.