Barbie blank middle name

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Barbie blanks middle name is Jean so her name is Barbie Jean Blank that's her real name

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Q: Barbie blank middle name
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What is the birth name of Barbie Blank?

Barbie Blank's birth name is Barbara Jean Blank.

Does Barbie blank have a screen name?

Kelly kelly

What is the WWE diva kelly kelly real name?

Barbara Blank, but she likes Barbie Blank. They gave her the name Kelly because its the doll barbie's best friend.

What is WWE diva kelly kelly sreal name?

Barbara Blank, or Barbie Blank

Who is Barbie?

Barbie is a doll is a beautiful barbie ^^Barbie's real name is Barbara Smith (I forget her middle name).

What made Barbie Blank famous?

Barbie Blank, better known by the name Kelly Kelly, is an American model who spent the majority of her career with World Wrestling Entertainment. Blank was a Divas (ladies) champion with the WWE and currently appears in independent wrestling promotions.

What was george mason's middle name?


Whats barbie blank the wrestler's current phone number?

You might get a better answer if you used her OTHER name.

Does kelly kelly have a sister?

No Kelly Kelly does not and Here is another thing her real name is barbie blank

How do you indicate to ssa that you have no middle name?

Leave blank

What is the plurals of kelly?

HUH?! If you are asking why Kelly Kelly is called Kelly Kelly it is her character's name. Her real name is Barbara "Barbie" Blank.

What is the name of Barbie in DVD-Barbie as HTE island princess?

Barbie's name is Rosella.