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I can think of two possiblities.

First that Mulence is an African origin word like many other African originated words in the caribbean. Hard to tell which African language as it could be one of many.

The second possibilty is that Mulence is another way of saying Mulatto.

"Congo" in the caribbean often refers to a black person of Congolese origin (many slaves were brought from Congo to the Americas).

In this case Congo Mulence would mean something to the extent of Mulatto person of Congolese orgin.

There was a popular salsa band in Puerto Rico named Orquesta Mulenze. Same prononunciation. Perhaps someone from Puerto Rico could tell you.

Note that there are at least a couple of other songs with that name in them for example:

Mulense by Celia Cruz and Recuerdo A Mulense which translates as "I remember Mulense". The lyrics of them refer to Cienfuegos in Cuba.

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Q: As in the song by Machito titled Congo Mulence what does the term Mulence mean?
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