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Q: Art made by people who are not trained artist but learn to make art by watching other people or by teaching themselves?
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What are untrained artist and trained artist?

Trained artists are artists that have received formal training/education in their art, whether from a more accomplished artist or a school. An untrained artist has not received formal training in art or has,sometimes, taught themselves.

How do you suppose Leonard Da Vinci trained to be a great artist?

He trained to be a great artist by being the apprentice of another great artist.

How were the Renaissance artist trained?

By being apprenticed to an older, competent artist.

What age did Seurat want to become an artist?

It is self-evident. He wanted to be an artist, that's why he trained to be an artist.

How does a trained artist use line?

He snorts it.

Did Michelangelo go to school to be an artist?

No, he was trained by expert artists.

Did Wesley Snipes do karate?

Yes he trained as a martial artist.

How were renaissance artists trained?

By being apprenticed to an older, competent artist.

Who trained da vinci as an artist?

Leonardo Davinci was not trained he just had the talent but you might want to know he had may jobs. before being a artist he was a priest and gave his money and clothes to poor people.

What is the average salary of a trained makeup artist?

The average salary for a trained make-up artist is around $40,000 a year, however if you wanted to train and work in Hollywood you could make up to $80,000 a year.

As a martial artist what does it mean to be dedicated?

It means that one has taken on the responsibility of learning and practicing a martial arts with great diligence. One doesn't slack on the effort of practice and teaching the art that one has dedicated themselves to.

Was Yoko Ono a dancer?

She is a classically-trained pianist, and avant-garde artist and poet.