Are weeping angels real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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AnswerNo, weeping angels are not real. They are a fictional character which turn to stone if they are looked at. While they are not being looked at, they can move.

Once they touched someone, they would teleport that person into the past. The Doctor describes this as "killing you kindly".

i would say yes because one day in my yard i saw an angel near the tree i blinked and it was meters closer to me. is says on Google that they have incredible speed so that they can move meters in the blink of an eye. when angels dont have the food source they need (energy) they will go from meters in the blink of an eye to a partial step. so beware these things are REAL.

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Q: Are weeping angels real
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They don't they believe in angels not weeping angels

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Weeping Angel

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No the weeping angels weren't known before doctor who

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yes, the weeping angels will be after the daleks. the angels will be in a 2 parter and after the angels, the next monster will be vampires

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Of course not, they are just statues, and the ones that move are actually people in costumes.

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weeping angels first appeared on the episode "blink" on the ninth of june 2007.

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If the weeping angels or lonely assassins catch you, they will pull you back in time or break your neck

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The weeping angels appeared in the doctor who episode Blink episode 10 of series 3 doctor who

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steven moffat

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In 2008 with Martha the weeping angels were in it and in the 5th series of doctor who they WILL RETURN i think i know how if they are the same weeping angels that Sally sparrow faced then i think i know. When they defeated them in the house the light bulb was ON and every light bulb has to go out one day and the light bulb might of run out and the weeping angels can't see each other so they can move!!