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no they are not . . . . . looks like you need to find a new series bud

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Q: Are they filming season 2 to Generation Kill?
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When will season 2 of vampire diaries begin filming?

In July

Where does filming start for season 2 of vampire diaries?

Atlanta, Georgia

Will there be a season 3 of The Vampire Dairies?

yes there is going 2 be a season 3. they started filming it a couple of days ago

Where and when does production of Vampire Diaries season 2?

Vampire Diaries season 2 was filmed in Covington, Georgia. Filming started February 16, 2010

Is there going to be a season 3 in Pretty Little Liars after episode 25 of season 2?

Yes it is confirmed. Filming begins April.

Is the show Vampire Diaries supposed to be making a 4th Season in 2013?

they are only filming season 2! i would love for it to carry on

Will there be a season 2 on Teen Wolf?

Yes, it is to air sometime in 2012. They will begin filming in October.

When are the Jonas brothers filming JONAS?

they should start filming between the end of this tour, the Burnin' Up tour, and the start of their World Tour. About mid September i think. /\ /\ Actually they said they started filming at the beginning of 2009. They are going to film Season 2 in February. -- That's what one of them said. Season 2 is finished as of now :-)

How much time take Demi to filming an episode from Sonny with a Chance?

She take 1 day, but for season 2 we know that he will filming two days at a one episode.

What happend to Emma in H20?

she left because: in the show she is supposed to be traveling the world with her parents in her real life she was actually filming the messengers 2 when they were filming season 3

Are they filming eastbound and down season 2?

They start filming in January 2010 from what I've read. I can't find the source again. They didn't start as of Summer 2009

Sonny With a Chance series 2?

Oh yeah! They have already started filming season 2! If you have a twitter you would know that.