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Sorry but no. There is no substitute for hard work, study and practice.

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Q: Are there pills that make you sing better?
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Does Justin Bieber take pills to sing better?

no! If there were pills available for that we would all be singing on Youtube.....wait, seems like everybody and their dogs/cats, horses are....somebody tell Vanilla Ice.

What are some apps that make you sing better free?

StarMaker Karoke

Did Michael Jackson sing to kids to make them feel better?

I believe so

How do you make yourself sing better?

by persistence Now that I'm Pro Singer In USA

Does a shot of olive oil make you sing better?

yes it does i tried it and it really works it makes your voice way better

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Why does a person sing better in the shower?

The bathroom tiles make your voice sound more resonant.

Which one is better Dance or sing?

Sing ofc

Do you think on the Wii the 'disney sing it' or 'u sing' is a better game?

You Sing

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What is better sing or instrument?

i think sing maybe because i sing but oh well

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