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Q: Are there pictures of Max Baldry naked?
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When was Max Baldry born?

Max Baldry was born on January 5, 1996.

What is Max Baldry's birthday?

Max Baldry was born on January 5, 1996.

Is max baldry dead?


How Tall is Max baldry?

Actor Max Baldry's height is not known. Max is most known for appearing in Mr. Bean's Holiday and Rome.

What is Max Baldry's age?

Max Baldry is 15 years old (birthdate: January 5, 1996).

Is Max Baldry clever at school?


What languages does max baldry speak?


Does max baldry have a brother or sister?

He has a brother named Vic.

Who was the kid in mr beans holiday?

his name is "max baldry"

How do you tell Max Baldry you love him?

that's what i would like to know !

Has max baldry ever kissed a girl?

NO. He is a very polite boy.

Is Max Baldry still acting?

What Max Baldry age? ok the answer to both is he was born in 1996 so this year he is 14 and i dont know if he is. the last movie he did was a few years ago which was mr. beans holiday