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Statistically speaking, there are more right-handed people in the world than left-handed people.

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Q: Are there more lefties or righties in the world?
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Are there more leftys or rightys?

There are more righties than lefties. About 80% are righties.

Do righties live longer than lefties?

yes, righties live about 9 years longer than lefties. ;o

Why do righties throw harder than lefties?

They don't,lefties throw harder because they're quicke mentally and on the field.

Why are there so few left handed quarterbacks?

because there are more tighy handed people in the world than left handed people. Si its the same with quarterbacks. There are alot more righties than lefties

Do lefties die 9 years before righties?

NO. Being left or right handed has nothing to do with lifespan.

Are pistols handed?

Older pistols are usually made for right-handed shooters. These can usually be modified for lefties. Newer pistol designs are either ambidextrous or easily switchable to accommodate lefties or righties.

How do lefties write?

Not much different from righties. They usually turn their hand at a wider angle out but hold a pencil not differently from a righty.

Why do lefties and righties all play the guitar all different ways?

Well I am a lefty and I play the way you think is how righties play but the truth is there is no lefty or right way to play the guitar is just the way you are comfterable.

What is political party of Croatia?

The two strongest are: HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) righties

What is the etreme leftist political position?

Well lefties are a big part of the nation but I am pretty sure that they can be in politics just as much as righties.

Do lefties die 9 years before most righties?

According to the BBC, the research that produced the statistic was flawed because in the past, people were "trained" to be right handed, so a higher percentage of deceased lefties were young people that had died. There is no plausible evidence that supports lefties dying earlier.

How exactly do you play in tennis?

basically, for complete starters, "playing" tennis is getting the ball over the net, and into the big rectangle. but in order to play normally, you have to train consistently and be devoted to it. i practice 4 days a week, and if you want to know how.. i train forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves. forehand = right side stroke for righties, left side stroke for lefties. Backhand = left side stroke for righties, right side stroke for lefties. volleys = vary to what your comfort zone is... serve: toss the ball with left hand for righties, right hand for lefties. Good luck mate