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Q: Are there any episodes in drawn together that show nudity?
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Did Comedy Central cancel Drawn Together or are they are making new episodes?

It was cancled BUT a movie is being made in 2010 i love'd the show myself

What are the release dates for Drawn Together - 2004 The Drawn Together Clip Show 2-15?

Drawn Together - 2004 The Drawn Together Clip Show 2-15 was released on: USA: 15 March 2006 Australia: 25 June 2007

What was the reality show on comedy central?

drawn together

What are ten CLEAN episodes of the Big Bang Theory?

Not sure what you mean by "clean" episodes, as there is no profanity or nudity in any of them. It is, however, a show about adults in adult fantasies, and thus has adult themes and humor. If what you are seeking are episodes where guys and gals in their late 20's never mention sexuality, I'm afraid that's too much of a fantasy.

What nudity does splice show?

Splice has multiple sexual/nudity scenes,very graphic.suggest another movie I suppose

Does nudity on Broadway sHow is happen?

Yes, one notable show is Hair.

Does the show married with children have nudity in it?

Implied but not actual.

Does Breaking Dawn show nudity?

Yes, some.

Are there YouTube type websites that show nudity?

Will Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears be on a tv show together?

No, but Britney appeared on a few episodes of All That, a Nickelodeon show Jamie was on for a few years.

Why did they stop making the show drawn together?

Basically it was the sum of several reasons, essentially meaning this: the show became too expensive to justify relative to the increasing complaints and threats of legal action regarding it's content, compared to revenue the series produced.

Did Comedy Central cancel Drawn Together?

Drawn Together was an animated series that ran from October 2004 until November 2007. The show aired on Comedy Central and you can still catch some episodes every once in a while during the late night hours. Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein left Comedy Central in March 2007. They then signed a contract with Fox Broadcasting Company to work on a new series. Even if Comedy Central would have made a fourth season it would not have been the same since the original creators of the show were gone.