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Q: Are there any celebs involed in fairtrade?
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Are there any celebs with stickler syndrome?

Yes, actress Bella Thorne has been open about her diagnosis of Stickler syndrome. Stickler syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects connective tissues in the body, leading to various symptoms such as joint problems, vision issues, and facial features characteristic of the syndrome.

How does Fairtrade make money?

Fairtrade doesn't make any money. The point of Fairtrade is to make products that give a fair wage to the farmer, and then be able to cover the costs of running and transporting Fairtrade. Any money made will be given to charities such as Comic Relief.

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Are any celebriteies on wooz world?

no there is not any celebs on woozworld but people dress up like celebs to get a lot of wooz

Why fair trade is important locally?

Fairtrade is important locally as in our local areas we are expected to by fairtrade products in order to ensure it is sustained, For example if you have any stores in your local area which have fairtrade products in them you can talk about how it contributes to increase fairtrade.

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Does any celebs have ooVoo?

Madison peetes

Bollywood celebs comment web?

Bollywood celebs do not comment on web. They do not have any time for this. They love to work and they focus on that only.

Do any celebs play softball?

Of course! In fact 68% of most celebs girls play softball for then regular adults.

What is fairtrade fortnight?

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual campaign that promotes and raises awareness about fairtrade products and the importance of fair trade practices. It usually takes place for two weeks in February and March and encourages consumers to choose fairtrade products to support producers in developing countries who receive fair prices for their goods. The campaign aims to create a more equitable and sustainable trading system.

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Is chris brown related to any other celebs?

No he is not.