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Yes. They were all tought to sing by their mother, and began singing together. Then they started the band, and when she was old enough Dani, their youngest sister joined.

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Q: Are the cimorelli sisters real sisters?
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Are all the cimorelli real sisters?


Which of the cimorelli sisters is Christina?

Christina is the eldest of the Cimorelli sisters.

Which of the cimorelli sisters have a child?

None of the Cimorelli sisters have a child.

What pets do the cimorelli sisters have?

The Cimorelli sisters have pet cats.

What are the Cimorelli sisters' surnames?


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The Cimorelli sisters do not have personal Skypes.

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Actually the Cimorelli sisters were discovered on the website, Youtube.

Who has the same mom in the cimorelli sisters?

All the Cimorelli sisters have the same mom.

Where do the cimorelli sisters from?

The Cimorelli sisters come from California, USA.

Are the Cimorelli sisters Italian?

Yes, the Cimorelli sisters of Sacramento, California, are of Italian descent.

Is cimorelli sisters?

Yes, the members of the band, "Cimorelli", are all sisters.

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That's their real hair. In their videos, they sometimes straighten or curl their hair.