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if you look at a pictures of them together you can see the mouth and skin completion and eyes otherwise yes the look dead on each other witch means

they look a like

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In short NO -But i thought the same lol

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Q: Are tequan Richmond and chris brown related?
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What is drew real name from everybody hates Chris?

Tequan Richmond

Where is tequan Richmond now?

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's not dead they just finished the season of everybody hates chris. and tequan is ****** sexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How old is Tequan Richards from Everybody Hates Chris?

Tequan Richmond who plays "Drew" from Everybody Hates Chris is 18 years old. His birthday is on October 30th.

What is Chris's brother's name off of Everybody Hates Chris?

His name is Drew and he's played by actor, Tequan Richmond.

What is Drew doing from everybody hates Chris doing?

The actor, Tequan Richmond who played Drew in "Everybody Hates Chris" is at the time 17.

How old is Tequan Richmond?

Tequan Richmond was born on October 30, 1992 in Burlington, North Carolina. He has appeared in numerous commercials and on TV series such as Everybody Hates Chris (as Drew), Cold Case and CSI:. His first role was on the "Chaos Theory" episode of ER in 2002. He resides in Los Angeles with his mother. He dates actress Caitlin Mulvey.

Where do you come from Chris Brown?

chris brown was born in virgina,Va

Is Chris Brown related to Trey Songz?

No Chris Brown is not related to Trey Songz.

Is Shanan brown related to Chris Brown?

No Shanan Brown is not related to Chris Brown.

Is shannan brown related to Chris Brown?

No, Shannan Brown is not related to Chris Brown.

Who are the characters of 'Everybody Hates Chris'?

The main characters are.... Chris (Tyler James Williams) Tanya (Imani Hakim) Drew (Tequan Richmond) Julius (Terry Crews) Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) Greg (Vincent Martella) Narrator (Chris Rock)

Is shannon and Chris Brown related?

No, Chris Brown only has a sister.