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yes they are it it true

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Q: Are tee and johnny really brothers and sisters?
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Jonas Brothers t's?

You can find Jonas Brothers Tee Shirts at stores ranging from Walmart to Limited Too. Check them out! There really cool!

Why is tee so annoying?

Tee is annoying, because he is jealous of his brothers, so he has to be annoying to get attention.

Why did tee and johnny into care?

because their mothers boyfriend abused them

What is the hawaiian word for sisters?

Tita (Tee-Taa) = Sister

What did Johnny and Tee's mother's boyfriend do when he got mad in Tracy Beaker Returns?

In "Tracy Beaker Returns," Johnny and Tee's mother's boyfriend got mad and threw a vase against the wall, scaring Johnny and Tee. He then left, leading to Tracy reporting the incident to the police and ensuring the children's safety.

Are tee and johnny brother and sister in real life?

No they are not its just a rumour

How can you look perfect at a Jonas Brothers concert?

The way to look perfect at a Jonas brothers concert is to either wear a tee or make a tee that shows just how much you love them. If your trying to impress Kevin, although he's already married, wear something that is girly. For Joe, wear something girly and fun but still normal, like a skirt with leggings underneath and a band tee. For Nick, he really only cares about comfort so just wear skinny jeans or shorts or sweat pants, with a tee. It really only matters that your comfortable.

Is Tee from Tracy Beaker Returns going to be fostered without Johnny?

probley yes, she's cuter and cooler than jonhy evryone like tee to.

Who is best johnny or Liam in Tracy beaker returns?

Liam because johnny is telling tee to tidy up and try to get them fostered but it never works

What are nicknames for Tiana?

lil tee t-t tee liana tee bear annatee tia-na its a really hard name to make nick names for

Is tee Taylor really johnnys real sister?


What can you buy as a souvenir at a Jonas brothers concert?

You could buy a tee-shirt or something like a cup.