Are sakura and kiba related

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Are sakura and kiba related
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Did kiba love sakura?


Will Kiba end up with Sakura?

Kiba and Sakura are just friends. They don't have any kind of romantic relationship among them and it doesn't seems that they will ever have one.

Who has a crush on Kiba?

Pretty much everyone does but kiba likes hinata and in the end I think she gives up on naruto and goes to kiba either that or sakura gives up on sasuke and goes to kiba.

Should kiba and sakura go out?

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

What are good afflection teams in naruto-arena?

Sakura-ino Shino-kiba Shikimaru-Choji

Are inuzuka tsume and kiba related?

Yes, Tsume Inuzuka is Kiba's mother.

Who does Kiba marry on the show Naruto?

Nobody knows who Kiba will marry. Not sure how to post a new answer so I will add on to this it is unconfirmed whether Kiba has married however he does end up inviting Tamaki, the granddaughter of the old cat-lady Nekobaa who would supply the Uchiha clan with weapons, to live with him. Being a Japanese manga and the way the culture is it is highly unlikely they are not at least engaged if they are happily living together.

What episode do Ino and kiba go out?

They never do because they never actually communicate in basically all of Naruto and when they do its never friendly. And plus Kiba likes Hinata and there are some hints that he has a thing for Sakura and Ino likes Sasuke and if she were to get over him she would probably pursue Shikamaru. Not Kiba.

Who will Sasuke marry in naruto?

Ino because Sakura goes with Naruto and Kiba goes with Hinata. Everybody noes that Shilamaru like Temari.

Does Sakura and Sasuke ever get in a fight?

Soon, according to naruto manga chapter 470, Sakura says she'll be "hunting for sasuke" with Kiba, Rock Lee and Sai, not Naruto because they were in a fight (arguing). you got it mostly right yup sakura tells naruto she loves him in order to see if he will stop trying to find susake and the way to not tell naruto that the others want to kill susake them selfs sakura leaves with lee and kiba asking kiba to find susakes sent SIA the big loser stays back and tells kakashi and naruto whats sakuras plan im soooooo in to see that fight and i heard from some people (not sure if its true) that's sakura finds susake and fights him BUT susake lets sakura win because he still cares for her :) we will see and hopefully its true buecause all they went through its pretty big

Does sakura ever die?

nope, but in the manga--chapter 470 she says she'll (including sai, kiba and rock-lee) hunt 4 sasuke....and most of the fans believe there is a chance tht sakura may die..

Are sasori and sakura related?

Nope; however Sakura does fight and defeat him.