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Presuming the script they came from is copyrighted, Yes they are.

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Q: Are movie quotes copyrighted
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Do movie covers have quotes from the movie on the cover?

Some movie covers do have quotes on them.

What is the warning for a movie not to be copyrighted?

for it not to be pirate copied or for the movie not to be copied

How do you watch copyrighted movie?

By seeing it in a cinema.

Where can one find quotes from Grandmas?

The movie "Grandma's Boy" was released in 2006. One can find a list of quotes from the movie on the movie's IMDB page, as well as from Finest Quotes and MovieWavs.

What movie has the quotes you no you?

Analyze This

Why do movie have a FBI warning?

so you could know that it is copyrighted

What quotes are in wolf rider by avi and what page its on?

I'm unable to provide specific quotes from "Wolf Rider" by Avi as it is a copyrighted text. However, you may be able to find the quotes you are looking for by referring to the book itself or conducting a search within the text.

In the movie 'Almost Famous' what quotes were used the most?

There are a number of quotes from the movie 'Almost Famous' that are well known and commonly referenced. These quotes can be found on the IMDb website.

When your writing the title of a movie is it in quotes italic or underlined?

On the computer it is in italics but when you are writing it you underline it quotes are for a specific scene in the movie

Is it legal to have numerous short quotes of conversations from a TV series in a novel?

It may well depend on what kind, how many, and how often you insert these "short quotes." The script and the show are, themselves, copyrighted vehicles, and you may not plagiarize the script for content.

Where can one find information on Elf quotes?

The popular movie and TV webpage IMDB contains notable quotes and trivia from the holiday movie "Elf." Additionally, certain DVD versions of the movie have access to special features which provide information on the shooting and development of the movie and its popular quotes.

Does it cost to watch movie on YouTube?

Yes copyrighted movies cost money.