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Donny Gerrard (lead singer) is listed as 66 years old in Sun Valley, CA. He released two albums in a solo carreer and has done background work for several major artists over the years including Elton John, ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton, Bob Seger and Cher. David Foster has racked up 16 Grammys and 47 nominations with over 24 major recording artists. He also serves as the Chairman of Verve Music Group. BJ Cook (Foster's ex-wife) who actually put Skylark together for Foster when he was fired by the Ronnie Hawkins' band, has given talks in Victoria High School to aspiring artists and served as a fundraiser for a studio in the high school named in her honor. Guris Maxwell (aka Ted Lewis) played drums for several bands including Jefferson Airplane and The Temptations. He completed a law degree in 1993, but does not practice. He last recorded a cd in 2009. No info found on Norm MacPherson.

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Q: Are members of Skylark still alive?
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