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No, they're not. In the manga, it's said that only a blood relative can free Glacé, and Pierre says that he would have let him free ages ago if he could have done it.

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Q: Are glace and Pierre related in sugar sugar rune?
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Who is Glace of sugar sugar rune?

he is the king of the ogres and the founder of the magical world.

Do they have sugar sugar rune in Borders?

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In sugar sugar rune does chocolat end up with Pierre?

Yes in the end they do end up togeter....but the only thing is it was the last episode....

When was Sugar Sugar Rune created?

Sugar Sugar Rune was created in 2005.

How many episodes does Sugar Sugar Rune has?

Sugar Sugar Rune has 51 episodes.

Is there Sugar Sugar Rune season 2?

No there will not be a season 2 of sugar sugar rune

What episode in sugar sugar rune do Pierre and chocolate kiss?

someone said In episode 42 they kissed, but i watched it and they didn't. Another person said they kissed at the end in episode 51 but i havent finished the series yet. They almost did in episode 21 in pierres dream, it was so cute!

What are some good manga's where the main character falls in love with the villain?

Sugar Sugar Rune is a good one. The main character, Chocolat, falls in love with the villain, Pierre, who even tried to kill her.

Sugar sugar rune?

Sugar Sugar Run is also known as Sugar 2 Rune. It is a manga by Moyoco Anno. It is also an anime TV series.

Where can i read sugar sugar rune online for free?

i found out that there is 23 chapters already... if you want to read Sugar Sugar Rune visit at

Are there 8 sugar sugar rune books?

Yes. You can buy them at

What kind of program is Sugar Sugar Rune?

The program Sugar Sugar Rune is an anime or Japanese animated series. The program aired from July 5, 2005 to June 24, 2006 for a total of 51 episodes.