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we wouldn't really know, unless she said it somewhere but I'm guessing she does. :]

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if you're describing yourself, I would LOVE to be with you. so there you go. :)

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Q: Are girls with black hair freckles and glasses pretty?
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Does cole like girls with freckles?

of course he does. all people like girls with freckles.

Who is a really cute girl?

girls have pretty eyes and wears glasses

Black girl pretty little girl?

All black little girls are not pretty but you can not judge no type of girls cause all girls are pretty no matter what happen to them or what they did

Why do many girls become pretty if they wear glasses?

Glasses, (particularly sunglasses) can cover the majority of the face and nose. Haha.

Do guys like pretty and brainy girls?

if she is popular or has popular friends its okay for her to be smart... as for pretty, i don't like girls with glasses and frizzy hair, but that's about it

Does Liam like girls with freckles?


Would Justin Bieber like a girl with freckles?

He loves girls with a lot of freckles.

Does Justin Bieber like girls with long black hair and glasses?

Justin likes girls with great personalities and nice smiles.

Does Cody Simpson like girls with freckles?

of course ! not .

Does Nicola Roberts from girls aloud have freckles?


Do all your freckles come of when you put lemon juice?

No that is just a myth for little girls who dont like there freckles...

When was Girls with Glasses created?

Girls with Glasses was created in 2005-06.