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Yes, Colin Morgan and Bradley James are still friends. They worked together on the show Merlin and have maintained a close friendship since then. The two have been spotted out together on several occasions, and they are often seen exchanging friendly messages on social media.

  • They have been seen out together on several occasions.
  • They often exchange friendly messages on social media.
  • They both attended the National Television Awards in 2013.
  • Bradley was in attendance at Colin's wedding in 2015.
  • They are still close friends to this day.

Colin and Bradley's friendship has clearly stood the test of time, and it is clear that they are still close friends to this day.

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Yes, they are very good friends and even went on a lengthy road trip together, the footage of which you can look up on YouTube.

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unfortunately, so far as we know, they're both straight.

but Merlin arthur are totally in love, right?

Updated: No one knows. They're both a mystery.

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Q: Are colin Morgan and Bradley James friends?
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Who is Colin Morgan's best friend?

Bradley James! Team BROLIN!

Does Bradley James have a girl friend?

yes. his name is colin morgan.(Y)

Is colin Morgan boyfriend of Katie mcgrath?

No Colin Morgan isn't married to Katie Mcgrath. He flirts with Bradley James, nevertheless Katie McGrath has a crush on Natalie Dormer.

Does Bradley James smoke?

Bradley James states in the audio commentary of Merlin, Episode 2 that neither he nor Colin Morgan smoke. I can believe that of Morgan, he doesn't seem the type, but James looks like he does, doesn't he? But he doesn't actually, in reality.

Is colin Morgan secretly dating angel coulby?

No, It is believed as of July 2013 Angel Coulby is currently dating Bradley James.

Will there be a series 3 of BBC one drama Merlin?

Yeah! It was announced by Colin Morgan and Bradley James on Paul O'Grady! It should be out later next year hopefully!

Funny young actors?

Colin Morgan, Bradley James, James Roday, Dule Hill and Neil Patrick Harris are all very funny young actors. Well, if you consider approximately 30 young.

Are Colin Morgan and Bradley James in a secret relationship?

If it was a secret, then we wouldn't know about it. If it was true though, then thousands of their fans would be squeeing/crying/fainting/spontaneously combusting at the PURE PERFECT EPICNESS.

How tall is Colin Bradley Lewis?

Colin Bradley Lewis is 6' 2".

What does Bradly James do in 2010?

He do maybe new seasson 3 with Colin Morgan

Who plays Merlin in Merlin?

Merlin - Colin Morgan Arthur - Bradley James Morgana - Katie McGrath Gwen - Angel Coulby Uther - Anthony Head Gauis - Richard Wilson Morgause - Amelia Fox Mordred - Asa Butterfiel Lancelot - Santiago Cabrera That's all that I know off the top of my head! Try using google :P

What nicknames does Colin Bradley Lewis go by?

Colin Bradley Lewis goes by RoMeR.