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No, none of the Barlow Girls are married. They are all patiently and faithfully waiting for the right one. :)

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Q: Are any of the Barlow Girls married?
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How many barlow girls are there?

BarlowGirl is a Christian band made up of three sisters: (in order of age) Rebecca Barlow, Alyssa Barlow, and Lauren Barlow.

Is Gary barlow married?

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Who played Valerie barlow in cornation street?

Valerie Barlow was played by Anne Reid from 1962 till 1971. She was married to Ken Barlow. She was killed off in 1971.

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never alone by barlow girls:)

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What are the names of the girls in the band barlow girl?

Becca, Alyssa & Lauren. An awesome band=)

How tall are the Barlow girls?

Alyssa is roughly 5'2" Lauren and Rebecca are both around 5'4"-5'7"

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