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Adhikari is a kashyav gotra known as a upadhaya sharma adhikari. It denotes that this is the main upper list of bramin category.this is upper than kumai such as pathak,pant,lohani and jaishi such as pandey,mishra,rijal,dhamala etc.

Source from kashi pustak..

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2012-08-31 00:19:28
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Q: Are adhikari is brahmin or some other cast?
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Is mallick a bengali brahmin?

They are odia brahmin, basically in odisha some surnames with Mallick are brahmin.

What is suyal by caste?

Is suyal Hindu brahmin surname

What is caste of Ajay devgan?

He is a Saraswat Brahmin from Punjab region. Devgans are all Brahmins, there is a small Ramgharia Sikh BC community that uses the surname,but Ajay Devgan is Punjabi Brahmin for sure.

What are some personal creeds of famous people?

gandhi-sutras nehru-brahmin

Can a brahmin girl marry kshatriya boy?

In Brahminical literature, marriage between Brahmin girl and Kshatriya boy is forbidden but there are some cases from ancient era which points out that marriage between Brahmin girls and Kshatriya boys were practiced and had social acceptance. For example, Marriages between Yayati and Devayani & Dushyant and Shakuntala. Well all i can tell you is that cast is nomore relevant to anything now, because shiri Krishan ji has finished it when they gave us the knowledge of Gita, now your karam is your dharam. if you are a brahmin girl think twice before you take any action cause you are considered as one who has knowledge. just have a good thought about the guy if he has any qualities of brahmin or what i mean is if he has any signs of brahmin, what i mean is if he acts like a brahmin then it is allgood because his karam is his dharam. well if he acts like a kshatriya then one of you would have to sacrifice. Pardon my spelling mistakes if you find any.

Are rudraj brahmin is higher than kulin brahmin?

The simplest answer is "YES". This fact is supported by many proof some are listed below:1. There is no such word like Kulin, if exist why don't we find kulin in other parts of India.2. The community who consider them kulin Brahmin are not native to Bengal.3. These people may be considered as the illegal immigrant who don't want to return back to Kannauj.4. Their original name is Kanyakubj Brahmins.5. And they are not ethnically bengali.

Who is Brahmin?

In ancient Hinduism, there is a cast-system, whereby families are classified into different classes and different classes enjoy different credits. Basically, Brahmin refers to the class of scholars in the ancient Hindu cast-system, they were regarded to be the wisest kind of people. Some Hindu kings even pay respect to Brahmins in order to bribe them to help spread propaganda* among the people. *propaganda refers to false, bias information that people get which usually is to praise or glorify a leader

Are Brahmin handbags made in China?

I love the style and overall quality of every Brahmin product that I have purchased, however after checking the 18 Brahmin handbags and wallets that I own, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was made in China!!!! I will note that ALL of the Brahmin products that I have were purchased on line on the Brahmin official website or at Dillard's. All of the of the tags that stated the origin of the product with the exception of one was rather small and took some time to locate. I challenge other consumers of Brahmin bags to check their products. I have a suspicion that consumers will not be able to find any products that are made in the USA. On a blog that questioned where their bags are manufactured, Brahmin responded, "At Brahmin we have a long standing dedication to manufacturing in the United States. We are a rarity in our field keeping as much production as possible at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at our headquarters in Massachusetts. We are proud to be an American brand and continue to keep as much of our production as possible here in the USA." My direct question to Brahmin is; What percentage of your products are produced in the United States? I am betting that if they respond at all they will answer this direct, unambiguous question with an indirect, ambiguous answer. As much as I LOVE Brahmin products for their style and quality, as a socially responsible consumer I can no longer purchase their products. The attached picture was the only product that I own where the tag was large and readily visible.

Is Parshuram a vegetarian?

Parasuram was a kshatriya in a brahmin's body. A potion mix up with Parashuram's grandmother, Brahmin wife, and her brother's wife,Kshatriya, caused a brahmin to be born to her brother's wife and a kshatriya to be born toPArashuram's grandmother. She prayed to a rishi and the birth of the kshatriya was averted until the next generation. Thus Jamadagni's son with Renuka was a kshatriya in a Brahmin's body. Parashurama adhered to brahmin principles and vegetarianism is a big part of Brahmins. Killing animals for carnal pleasures is considered sinful and Brahmins who are expected to be the most sinless and do not require meat unlike the other castes(kshatriyas need meat to fight wars), are not expected to eat meat (Though today, some stupid brahmins do). So the answer to your question is a confident YES, assuming Parasuram existed! :)

What cast rahul dravid belongs too?

RAHUL DRAVID belongs to DRAVID COMMUNITY which is generally a south india BRAHMIN community , some peoples of this community migrated to north indian state of UTTARAKHAND during 9th century where they settled in a village called DANG and thus gained a new surname DANGWAL. u can check the relationship between dangwals of uttarakhand and dravids of south india both are same .

What is the caste of surname MALLELA in Andhra pradesh?


Why their is attitude problem among brahmin bcoz of their caste inspite of being poor?

Hi,Attitude is nothing to do with caste.In any interaction, attitude comes out when one in the conversation feels "I am OK" and the "other person is notOK".Some time in an interaction if one feels "I am not OK" and the "other party also not OK", The person feels "I am not OK" has possibilities to perceivethe other showing attitude.Some time in an interaction if one feels "I am not OK" and the "other party is OK", The person feels "I am not OK" has many possibilities to perceivethe other showing attitude.Rarely both parties converse with the state of mind "I am OK" and "You are OK".So Attitude is nothing to do with Caste. A brahmin may feel he is smartthough he is poor (All know that even if you are poor you can be smart).So it is just belief & Self confidence nothing to do with caste. May be the Brahmin you are referring will not show attitude when he encounter arich brahmin.....So instead of wasting time in this caste bashing. You in your interactionalways try to interact I am OK and others also OK. Try this you will win theworld.

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