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Q: Are Wu-tang clan still together
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Who are the members of the wutang clan?

method man

Quincy Jones video with wutang-clan?


Are the wutang clan from the east or west coast?

They technically are east coast cause they are "from the rugged lands of shaolin" (staten island) but they didnt really participate in the east vs west beef.

Does Alex Beaton wears Dada and Wutang?

No, he does not. From a VERY reliable source

Is wutang blood or crip?

The Wut-Tang Clan doesn't claim Blood or Crip. They're all in the 5 Percent Nation. *The 5 Percent Nation aka the Nation of Gods & Earth, are a nation in which believes that man is GOD. Although they are not a gang, they wear the colors of black & gold.

How do you use clan in a sentence?

My clan gather together for our surplus meal we had extras! (blood related,m]by marrige that is what clan )

Describe three values that bind the clan of Umuofia together?

Three values that bind the clan of Umuofia together are:Sense of communitySense of unity, being able to speak with one voiceTrade

Was William Wallace of the Argyle clan?

There is no "Argyle Clan," so no. Argyll (Argyle) is the ancestral home of the Campbell Clan. The Argyll's were a historically powerful family within the Campbell Clan, but are not an official clan unto themselves--they still aren't. Sorry. Wallace, is a separate and distinct clan (and very proud--rightly so).

In modern warfare reflex how do you start a clan?

there's no real clan system included in the game but you can start choosing a name and placing your clan tag before your name. then search for some members and play together !

Does Sasuke reviv the Uchiha clan?

no the uchiha clan stays dead but he seeks out vengence for his destroyed clan

Who was the clan mother?

The Clan Mother was an elderly woman who was in charge of an Iroquois clan. She was in charge of appointing chiefs and put together all of the festivals. Some festivals were: The Corn-Planting Festival, The Strawberry Festival and The Maple Festival.

How do you invite somebody to a clan in Halo 3?

It's more of a mental note for a just gotta play together and maybe have a website to chat and have different events