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Q: Are Trina and lil kim sisters?
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Who is better Lil Kim or Trina?

trinaa (:

Do Nicki mianj like Trina as a friend?

Like the bestest friend's there could be!! Lil' Kim hates them. F LITTLE KIM The Truth Trina is friends with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. Lil Kim just doesn't like nicki. ignore that lie above.

Top 10 man richest female rappers?

Trina ebony eyes Remy ma Lil Kim Lil mamaShawna

Do lil kim have a sister or brother?

Kim kardashian has 1 brother and 4 sisters

Is it true that Trina was pregnant by Lil Wayne?

Yesss. (: IMPROVED ANSWER: Trina was pregnant by Lil Wayne but she had a miscarriage.

Is Trina dating Lil Wayne?


Who did lil Wayne propose to?


Are Nicki minaj and lil kim sisters?

Not even close! They are eachother's rap-diva-rivals.

How looks better lil kim or lil mo?

lil kim

Are Trina and Lil Boosie dating?


Did Lil Wayne and Trina date?


Do Trina wants Lil Wayne back?