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yes they are , there brothers

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Q: Are Sergio Lizarraga of banda ms and Cruz Lizarraga of banda el recodo related?
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Dose Joel lizarraga sing in banda el recodo?

He plays clarinet along his brother Alfonso.

Como se llama el que canta la cancion de te presumo?

Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizarraga

What kind of music does Banda El Recodo sing?

The Mexican Banda sinaloense group Banda el Recodo was created in 1938 by the Lizarraga family. They play a varity of styles including Swing, Jazz, Classical and Latin dance music. With a large variety of instruments, it is easy to see why the group is still very popular.

When was Banda el Recodo created?

Banda el Recodo was created in 1938.

Does yaki from the banda recodo have a girlfriend?

does Jackie from banda el recodo have a girlfriend

Is banda el recodo looking to cast a new vocalist?

Banda El Recodo already has a new vocalist.

When was Con la Banda...El Recodo created?

Con la Banda...El Recodo was created on 1998-12-08.

How old is yaki de la banda el recodo?

El Yaki is 19. He is the youngest singer of La Banda El Recodo.

How much does banda recodo charge per hour?

about 3,000 dollars

What are the release dates for Estudio 2 - 2005 Banda El Recodo Calibre 50 Banda Carnaval?

Estudio 2 - 2005 Banda El Recodo Calibre 50 Banda Carnaval was released on: USA: 20 July 2013

Where did la banda el recodo get its nickname from?

from a town called el recodo which is the birth place of the creator of the band!

Who died from banda el recodo?

yaki we will all miss you