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Q: Are Ray Romanos twins on his show his in real life?
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Is liv and maddi twins in real live?

No Liv and Maddie are not twins in real life. Liv and Maddie are twin characters on the show but in real life they are played by the same actress who is Dove Cameron.

Are liv and maddie from the Disney show actual twins in real life?

No they are not twins, they are both Dove Cameron.

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Are liv and maddie the same person?

In the show they are twins. However, in real life, they are played by the same person. (Dove Cameron)

Is your life as Liz real life show?


In suite life of Zack and Cody what is the twins fullname?

Their TV show name is Zack Martin and Cody Martin. Although their real names are Dylan Sprouse, (Zack), and Cole Sprouse, (Cody).

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he is 14 in real life visit to see episodes of the Jared show

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They are not real it is a TV show. Beyblades in real life do have special moves.

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Witchblade is a TV show, not real life.

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There is no such thing as "semi-identical" twins. If fraternal twins each take a paternity test, only the real father would show up as the father.