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no, Pam st Clements is in.a loving relationship with Moira Stewart

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Yes they have.

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Q: Are Pam st clement and patricia routledge in a relationship?
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Who is Pam St Clement partner?

I think her partner is the woman she arrived with at Wendy Richards funeral

When was Pam St. Clement born?

Pam St. Clement was born on 1942-05-12.

Who is pat st clement?

A English actress and it's Pam St Clement.

How much does Pam St Clement spend on earrings?

I would imagine ...nothing...since 'Pat' wears the hideous earrings which come from wardrobe and Pam St Clement does not. Not as much as her character on 'Eastenders'. Pam does wear earings.

What is Pats real name out of Eastenders?

Pam St Clement

List actresswho has been on eastenders whos first real name is patriciawhat is here real last name?

The only known Patricia is the character Pat Evans. Her real name is Pam St. Clement.

What is the name of the actress who played Pat in EastEnders?

Pam St. Clement.

Has Pam st clements got any children?

I can safely they are not related, Charlie's name is Clements and Pam's is St Clement

How old is Pam St clement?

She is 68. Her birthday is the 12th may 1942.

Is Pam St Clement in a gay relationship with Moira Stewart?

Yeah definitely i saw it, at a bus stop in London God save the queen

Who plays pat bucher in eastenders?

Pam St Clement plays Pat Butcher

Where does Pam st clement live?

Radlett Hertfordshire or Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, England