Are Naruto powers real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sorry but no

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Q: Are Naruto powers real
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What are Naruto powers?

naruto powers came from ninjajustu mostly ever body can have power what speacial about naruto the nine tail fox thats where he get full power unleashed

If Naruto is real where is he?

Naruto is not real. He is a character in an Anime series. Naruto is real but if some people think hes not real then that's them. he is belive me

Can someone really have Naruto powers?


Can i have Naruto powers?

no sweetie, but you can have his bravery.

Is chakra from Naruto real?

ok no offence but NOTHING from naruto is real

Are Naruto pepale real?

NO {But i wish} That would be awesome if they were REAL. Sadly naruto people are not real.:(

How do you do a real Justsu from Naruto?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can't really do jutsu from Naruto. Well not Genjutsu, or Ninjutsu. Magical powers like that don't really happen like that, or at all, well, atleast in our world. (;

What powers does nagato give to Naruto?


What is Naruto's real email?

Naruto is a fictional character, he does not have an email address but he is real.

What is Naruto real name?

his real name is Naruto Uzamaki Namikaze

Is Naruto a real character?

If you're asking if naruto is a real person, then no. He is a fictional character.

What powers did negato give Naruto?

Nagato did not give Naruto any powers. The only thing Nagato did before he died was revive everyone in the village that he killed.