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No they broke up ray j is coming out with season 2 of for the love of ray j..look for info on or look up rayj on Google

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Ray J and Mz Berry are just friends, they even said it on the reunion of For the Love of Ray J.

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Q: Are Joanna Hernandez and Ray J still together?
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Who was ray js last girlfriend?

Joanna Hernandez

What is cocktails real name from ray j?

joanna hernandez

What is coctail from the love of ray j real name?

Her real name is Joanna Hernandez.

What actors and actresses appeared in For the Love of Ray J - 2009?

The cast of For the Love of Ray J - 2009 includes: Michael Atilano as Bartender Lil B Lil B as himself Tommy Davidson as himself Joanna Hernandez Joanna Hernandez as Cocktail Ray J as himself Alia Kruz as herself La La Anthony as Herself - Host Monica Leon as Danger Leah Minor as Cashmere Brandy Norwood as herself Willie Norwood as himself Tanika Ray Tanika Ray as Herself - Host

Is Ray J and MzBerry still together?


Who did Ray J pick off Season Two?

R&B singer/actor Ray J picked Mz Berry as the winner of the second season of "For the Love of Ray J." On the first season of "For The Love of Ray J," he picked Cocktail (Joanna Hernandez), but their relationship didn't last so he came back for a second season.

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They are together

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No they are not

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Cocktails real name from for the love of ray j?

it's joanna hernendez!! cocktail the winner for the love ray J..glad she won!! it's joanna hernendez!! cocktail the winner for the love ray J..glad she won!!

What movie and television projects has Joanna Hernandez been in?

Joanna Hernandez has: Played Performer in "XIIe europese Beker voor zangvoordracht" in 1970. Played herself in "Roberto Carlos Especial" in 1974. Played Skye in "Lost Legends of the West" in 2003. Played herself in "Bad Girls Club" in 2006. Played Paris in "Consignment" in 2007. Played herself in "Bad Girls Road Trip" in 2007. Played Jesse in "Ice Scream: The ReMix" in 2008. Played Dancer in "In with Thieves" in 2008. Played Cocktail in "For the Love of Ray J" in 2009. Performed in "For the Love of Ray J" in 2009.

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