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Gerard Way isn't, but I don't know about Mikey.

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No, he isn't.

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Q: Are Gerard Way and Mikey left handed?
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Does Gerard way from your chemical romance write with his left or his right?

Gerard Way is right handed.

Does Gerard love his brother mikey way?

Yes,Gerard Way loves his brother,Mikey.

Who is taller Mikey or Gerard Way?

Gerard Isn't it Mikey? We can see that from some of the pictures of them.

Are there brothers in My Chemical Romance?

Yes, there are. The two brothers are Gerard and Mikey Way. Gerard Way is the lead singer, and Mikey Way is the bass player. Mikey Way is the younger one of the two of them.

Who is older Michael or Gerard Way?

Gerard Way is older than Mikey way. Mikey is 28 years old, and Gerard is 31 years old.

What age is mikey and Gerard way?

Gerard is 33 and Mikey is 30, at time of writing -September '10

Was mikey way abused when he was a kid?

No! Gerard and Mikey had loving parents

Who is older Gerard or mikey way?

Gerard is the older sibling. Mikey was born on 10th September 1980 whereas Gerard was born on 9th April 1977.

What is mikey Way's brothers name?

Gerard Way

Where did eliza cuts meet Gerard way?

Eliza cuts is Gerard way and mikey way's hairstylist