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No. Neither of them are homosexual.

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Q: Are G Dragon and Top from Bigbang gay?
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Who are the people in bigbang?

G-Dragon, T.O.P, SeungRi (Victory), TaeYang and DaeSung

How was bigbang form?

G-Dragon and Sol started practised since they were 13. Then, later on, Victory, D-Lite, and Top came in. And on 2003, they debuted.

Can you order the bigbang members oldest to youngest?

Oldest to Youngest: 1. TOP 2. Taeyang 3. G-Dragon 4. Daesung 5. Seungri

Is bigbang and 2ne1 close?

Yes, 2NE1 and Big Bang are close. 2ne1's first song was with BigBang and Cl is very close to G dragon :D

Is g dragon on iTunes?

Yes/No. None of G-Dragon's solo music is on iTunes. But there are two Bigbang albums and Taeyangs album "solar" which has the song "I need a Girl" features G-Dragon are available on iTunes. Hope that helps :)

What songs did g dragon write?

G-Dragon wrote every song on his solo album "heartbreaker" except "the leaders" which he co-wrote with Teddy and CL. He also co-wrote most of Bigbangs songs and complete wrote a few others. He wrote Seungri's solo son strong baby and the raps on 2 songs for Seungri's solo album. He co-wrote 6 songs and wrote 2 songs by himself for him and his bandmate T.O.P's collaboration album. He co-wrote one song on taeyangs album "solar". List of songs he wrote completely: A Boy by G-Dragon Heartbreaker by G-Dragon Breathe by G-Dragon Butterfly by G-Dragon Hello by G-Dragon Gossip Man by G-Dragon Korean Dream by G-Dragon She's Gone by G-Dragon 1 Year Station by G-Dragon Obsession(GD) by GD&TOP What Do You Want(GD) by GD&TOP Strong baby by Seungri Intro(everybody scream) by bigbang Haru Haru by Bigbang Intro(thank you & you) by bigbang (Note: this may or may not be all the songs. These are the only ones I could find) Hope I could help :)

How old is g dragon from bigbang?

Born: August 18, 1988, age 24 (25 in South Korea), Seoul

Is Korean Pop artist G Dragon gay?

No, G dragon is strait and his music records are of the charts.

Why is g-dragon gay?

NO hes into girls not guys

Why is g dragon gay?

NO hes into girls not guys

Is Seungri frontmen of Big Bang?

No. Seungri is just the maknae/vocalist. Taeyang is the face and G-Dragon is the leader so they're the 'frontmen' of bigbang.

Who g-dragon girlfriend?