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Possibly, YES because in many pictures elaine is usually next to tyler or like leaning or hugging him. This could of happened before or after elaine was dating one of the group members (not tyler)but then Waayy Latteerr, elaine got married.

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Q: Are Elaine Bradley and Tyler Glenn from neon trees dating?
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Is tyler glenn dating Elaine Bradley?

No they're not, Elaine is married ^^

Are Lea Michele and Tyler Glenn dating?


What are the band members names in Neon Trees?

The Neon Trees are a rock band from Utah. The members are: Tyler Glenn : Lead Vocals and Keyboards/Synth Chris Allen : Guitar Elaine Bradley : Drums and Background Vocals Branden Campbell: Bass Chris and Tyler met in Temecula, CA where they became great friends. When Chris eventually moved to Provo, UT Tyler went with him. Together they formed a band and brought in Elaine and Branden. It is true that Elaine used to date Chris but they have since separated and are good friends.

Is Tyler Glenn single or dating?

both from what i know(:

What are the names and ages of the group neon trees?

The Names Of The Neon Trees Group are: Tyler Glenn Chris Allen Branden Campbell Elaine Bradley The Ages: (In order) 29 ? ? ? Sorry that I don't know all ages... Hope it helps!

What is Tyler Glenn's full name?

tyler glenn

Is Tyler glenn married?

No. Tyler Glenn is not married. He is single.

When was Bradley Tyler Johnson born?

Bradley Tyler Johnson was born on 1829-09-29.

When did Bradley Tyler Johnson die?

Bradley Tyler Johnson died on 1903-10-05.

How old is Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees?

Tyler Glenn is 34 years old (birthdate November 28, 1983).

What is tyler glenn's middle name?

Tyler Glenn DOESN'T have a middle name.....because his parents couldn't think of one when he was born so they decided NOT to deal with it.PS. TYLER GLENN IS AMAZING AND SUPER CUTE....LOL

What is the birth name of Tyler MacDuff?

Tyler MacDuff's birth name is Tyler Glenn Duff Jr..