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No, but they look like twins. I though they were the same person!

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No they just look alike

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I dont believe that they have to many similar features

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Q: Are Amber Riley and Raven Goodwin related?
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Is Amber Riley in Huge?

Actually no, The actress you are thinking of is Raven Goodwin.

Is Mercedes in glee the same person that plays ivy in Good Luck Charlie?

No, they are not the same people. Ivy from Good Luck Charlie is played by Raven Goodwin and Mercedes from Glee is played by Amber Riley.

Is raven goodwin in Good Luck Charlie?

yes she is most people think she is on glee to she is not that is Amber Riley

Are good luck charlies raven goodwin and glees amber riley related?

no but i think they look exactly alike (i thought they were the same person at first)

Is the black girl from glee the same one on Good Luck Charlie?

yes, that's Amy Riley she is in glee and good luck charlie

Is amber riley an actress on ''Good Luck Charlie''?

Although, it may seem as if Amber Riley spends her time on both Disney studios filming for Good Luck Charlie and a Fox filming for one of the best shows out there, Glee ;she isn't. The actually girl who plays Ivy Wentz, Teddy's best friend, name is Raven Goodwin. They do have similar features so that is why everyone thinks the girl playing Ivy is Amber Riley. I myself thought that the girl who played Ivy Wentz was Amber Riley but on it shows all the cast and crew for Good Luck Charlie. Actually, Raven as appeared in more show than Amber. Raven Goodwin is best know for her role as Tangie Cunningham in Nickelodeon's "Just Jordan". She also appears in the newest Monday night must see television series on ABC Family "HUGE" as Becca Huffstatter.

What is the birth name of Amber Riley?

Amber Riley's birth name is Amber Patrice Riley.

When was Amber Riley born?

Amber Riley was born on February 15, 1986

What nicknames does Amber Riley go by?

Amber Riley goes by Mama A.

What is Amber Riley's occupation?

Amber Riley is a/an Actress singer author

What is raven riley's email address?

Raven Riley's email address is not known at this time. You can try contacting Raven through her website, Raven Riley.

What is Amber Riley's birthday?

Amber Riley was born on February 15, 1986.