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im 99.9% sure that they are not related because the both have different last names and not yet but they are single

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Q: Are Alex and Jack from all time low related?
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Who is hotter alex or jack from all time low?

Alex (all time low) is hotter and cooler Jack copied Alex by his highlights

Are Alex and Jack from All Time Low together?

Every ATL fan wishes! But, no, Jack and Alex are not a couple. .

What is Jalex?

alex and jack from all time low or alex and justin from wizards of waverly place.

Is alex gaskarth the oldest of the members of all time low?

Yes. The order is Alex, Rian, Zack, Jack

Was there ever another lead singer in all time low?

Nope. Alex and Jack were the founding members of All Time Low, and Alex has been the only lead vocalist.

How can you meet alex gaskarth?

Jump on his back, and ask for jack (; it works all the time or jump on Jack's back and say "bring the gas'kay back" there that's how you can meet alex

Who were the members of all time low before alex and jack?

They were the two first members.... soooo there was no All Time Low before them

Where are the guys from all time low from?

Alex is from Essex England, Rian and Zack are from altimore and Jack... i dunno

Is Alex gaskarth biosexual?

Alex Gaskarth is 100% attracted to girls. At All Time Low concerts, Alex and Jack always make gay jokes, but they really aren't, they're just funny (:

Who were the first all time low band members?

Alex and Jack were first. Then Jack recruited Rian as the drummer. Then they held auditions for a base player a.k.a Zack

What are all the names for the people in all time low?

Lead singer is Alex Gaskarth, Guitar player is Jack Barakat, Bassist is Zack Merrick and Drummer is Rian Dawson.

How did all time low form?

alex transferred from private school to public school where her first met jack then rian and Zack