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i know about the stutturing song but on wikipedia it says the girl is jessica stroup the same girl who plays silver on 90210

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Q: Anyone know who the girl that dentyne commercial with the stuttering song is?
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Who is the girl in the Dentyne Ice commercial with that stuttering song?

I think her name is Jessica Stroup. I hope this helped. :)

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i have been looking everywhere. it's not: The Donnas, Papas Fritas, The Arcade Fire, Scissor Sisters or some Nichole. papas fritas IS a dentyne commercial song, but for dentyne ICE not Blast. Dentyne ice commercial is the guy and girl at the subway, she chews the gum blows on the window and gives him her number as the subway pulls from the station. it's a start.

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Its called "Stuttering" by Ben's Brother

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