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$300,000 according to TMZ

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Q: Angus t Jones salary Per episode?
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What is the Salary of angus t Jones?

angus t Jones earns 250 000 per episode

What does angus t Jones make per episode of two and half men?

$250,000 per episode.

Does Angus T Jones make the same salary as Charlie Sheen?

No angus makes $250,000 per show, and Charlie made $1.25 million

Salaries of the cast of two and a half men?

Charlie Sheen earned just under $2m per episode Angus T. Jones earns around $250, 000 per episode Jon Cryer earns around $1m per episode

What is kloe Kardashians salary per episode?

Khloes & Kourtneys Salary Per Episode: $20,000 Kims Salary Per Episode: $40,000

How much does Jake of Two and Half Men earn?

Angus Jones (Jake Harper) just signed a new contract that gets him about 8 million dollars over 2 seasons, that plus a signing bonus on half a million comes to 300.000 dollars per episode, give or take. This actually makes him the highest paid child star on TV.

What is tom welling's salary?

$100,000 per episode $100,000 per episode

What is Tom Welling's salary?

$100,000 per episode $100,000 per episode

Conchata Ferrell salary on two and a half men?

Before they pulled the show, he was making 2 million per episode. When they pulled it mid-season, he nationally told everyone this on TV. He also gave an ultimatum ??? after he was fired saying if they want him back the price was 3 million per episode. Seems like an odd time to give an ultimatum..... hahahaha

What is allens salary on two and a half men?

Jon Cryer makes between 500.000 and 600.000 dollars per episode in the role of alan, Charlies divorced and continuously unsuccessful and unlucky brother. While Charlie makes over a million per episode, he actually thought of quitting the show when he thought that CBSs offer on a million per episode was to low. He ended up on 1,7 or 1, 8 million dollars per episode. Angus Jones (Jake), after he signed his new contract recently, makes about 300.000 per episode, plus he got a signing bonus on half a million.

What is Rainn Wilson's salary per episode of The Office?

It is rumored he made $100,000 per episode.

What is Matt Groening salary per episode?

The amount of money Matt earns is not based per episode.