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that is an opinion.

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Q: And Alice Cullen costume real bad?
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Name all of the caracters in the twilight series?

In Twilight Jacob Black, Embry and Quill, Jared, Paul, Leah Clearwater and Seth Clearwater are still human ~Humans~ Bella Swan Charlie Swan Harry Clearwater Billy Black Tyler Crowley Lauren Mallory Mike Newton Jessica Stanley Angela Weber Eric Yorkie Emily Young Sue Clearwater Renée Dwyer Phil Dwyer Jacob Black Quil Ateara Embry Call Paul Jared Leah Clearwater Seth Clearwater ~Shape-shifters/Werewolves~ Sam Uley Ephraim Black ~Vampires~ The Volturi James Victoria Laurent ~The Cullen Family(also Vampires)~ Edward Cullen Carlisle Cullen Esme Cullen Rosalie Cullen Emmett Cullen Alice Cullen Jasper Cullen

Are Bella and Jacob dating?

Yes, but they didn't start dating until the middle of the book when Edward saved Bella from the mean guys at the bar, when she ran off without her friends. When her bfriends finally found her, Edward said he would take her to dinner because she needed to eat something. They talked, but Edward didn't eat anything. Bella was suspicious. The entire time, waitresses were flirting and hitting on Edward Cullen. She asked if he noticed it and he said all he thought about and noticed was Bella.

What are the release dates for WWE Tough Enough - 2011 Bad Day Real Bad Day 1-3?

WWE Tough Enough - 2011 Bad Day Real Bad Day 1-3 was released on: USA: 18 April 2011

ON the bad girls club what was tenisha's real name?

Tanisha Thomas

Why did Edward tell Bella her radio in her vehicle had bad reception?

Because after Edward left, she was totally a mess, so she ripped it out. And so she didnt have to hurt Alice's feelings, that is what she said.

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What does Alice Cullen dislike?

a person with a bad sense of fashion

Is Edward Cullen died in real life?

there is no Edward Cullen in real life....But Rob Pattinson is the guy that plays him,,, and NO he is not dead?!?!?Okay. One you : the question asker; have really bad grammar. Two. Edward Cullen is not real, and no he is not dead because he's not real. And no the actor playing him, Robert Pattinson is not dead either.

Who is the best twilight character?

This is a matter of opinion. From the books my opinion is that Edward Cullen, reader of minds, and Alice Cullen, seer of future are the best. Well, I like them all, my my favourite is Alice Cullen. hi.... i agree with you that Alice Cullen is the most awesome twilight character.... though i don't really like edward and i think that, Jacob black is one of the most awesome twilight characters too. p.s if i had to pick my fav bad twilight character.... it would obviously be Jane of the volturi.

What will be the best costume for a bad girl declamation?

what will be the best costume for my bad girl declamation

Alice Cullen hyper and Rosalie Hale anger issues had anything gotten really bad before and maybe put one of them in special ed?

i dont think they go to gym

How did the real George Harvey the murderer die?

no, he is a fictional character created by the mind of Alice Sebold

Where can you get the big bad wolf costume?

at a store!

Roughly what pant size is the small for the bad kitty costume?

The small size Bad Kitty costume pants fit women size 2 - 4

Who are the good people in twilight?

The good characters in Twilight are: Isabelle Swan. Edward Cullen. Alice Cullen. Jasper Hale. Emmett Cullen. Rosalie Hale. Esme Cullen. Carlisle Cullen. Tyler. Eric. Mike. Angela. Jessica. Charlie. Jacob. Sam. The bad characters: James. Victoria. you forgot laurent! well, i guess he's not bad until new moon but oh well. oh, and another good character is Jacob black. teehee. he's Bella's best friend/safe harbor- or atleast that's what Bella calls him. and rosalie was NOT a good character. in breaking dawn she doesn't even care if Bella dies as long as she gets her mutant baby. oh, and mike was SO not good either

Jasper hale and Alice Cullen are good friends to each other especially to Bella and they wouldn't mean to do anything because they're good people right?

I would hope they were to nice to each other. They're married! And no, they wouldn't mean to do anything bad to anyone.

Who said what if you'm not the good guy what if I'm the bad guy in twilight?

Edward Cullen.

What are some quotations of twilight?

What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm...the bad guy? -Edward Cullen