Alexis and jaden

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Alexis and jaden
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Can Jaden Smith date Alexis Murphy?

Can Jaden smith date Alexis Murphy in philadelphia

Does jaden have any romantic feelings for alexis?

Yes. and alexis Has feelings for jaden. if u wanna check out more, check yugioh gx in wikipedia

Do jaden and alexis in yu gi oh gx go on a date?

No they don't go on a date but in episode 106 a girl winks at Jaden and Alexis is jealous

Does alexis like jaden?

Yes, throughout the series the creator has been dropping hints about Alexis' feelings for Jaden. Jaden made a good impression with her on his entrance exam to get into duel academy, by beating Dr. Crowler and later on gained more of Alexis' affection by beating her and Chazz in a duel.

Do alexis likes jaden?

absolutly. they are totally in love <3

Do jaden yuki and Alexis Rhodes ever fall in love?


Does Jesse Anderson love Alexis Rhodes?

Jesse Anderon Does not love Alexis he barely pays attention to the girls at duel academy. Besides Aleixis likes Jaden (Im pretty sure about that ^_^) -Also Jesse likes Jaden more than Alexis -And Alexis has stronger feelings towards Zane

What epiosdes does jaden and alexis?

When they what? Try to finish the question next time.

Do jaden and alexis get married?

no i dont think they do get married too bad

Does jaden like alexsis?

yes alexis is crushing on jaden BIG TIME. you seem to pick it up from the first episode.

Does alexis Rhodes like jaden yuki in Yugioh gx?

It is implied that she does (for example in one episode Blair winks at Jaden and Alexis gets all mad) but it is never really confirmed and they never take their relationship past friends

Yu-Gi-Oh gx couples?

Probably the only real one is Jaden and Alexis, but even then it's only Alexis who has feelings for him.