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John Thaw played Regan and Dennis Waterman played Carter in The Sweeney.

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Q: Actor who played Regan in The Sweeney?
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When was Brian Regan - actor - born?

Brian Regan - actor - was born on 1957-10-02.

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Who was the original sweeney todd?

The original actor to portray Sweeney Todd in Sondheim's production was Len Cariou

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Who played Frasier's neighbor Regan?

Gigi Rice is the actress who played Regan, Frasier Crane's neighbor on the sitcom Frasier.

What former Western movie actor was sworn in as US President in 1981?

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How old is Brian Regan?

UK actor Brian Joseph Regan is 60 years old (born October 2, 1957). US comedian Brian Regan may also be 58 years old (born October 2, 1957) but it appears likely that this is an erroneous adoption of the data for the UK actor with the same name.

Who played sweeney todd in sweeney todd?

This depends on which version is being referred to. Below is a list (in chronological order) of versions of Sweeney Todd and the names of the actors in title role. Sweeney Todd (Original stage production 1979)-Len Cariou, who was later replaced by George Hearn in 1980 Sweeney Todd (revival stage production 1989)- George Hearn Sweeney Todd (London revival 1993)- Alun Armstrong Sweeney Todd (London revival 2004) Paul Hegarty Sweeney Todd (Broadway revival 2005)- Michael Cerveris Sweeney Todd (movie 2007)- Johnny Depp There is another London revival planned for 2011 with Michael Ball as the title role.

Who plays young Benjamin barker in sweeney todd?

Johnny Depp, a great actor.

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