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Ralph, Sam and Eric, and Piggy = To tend to the fire and get rescued.

Jack and the Savages = To have fun

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t die and go back to England

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Q: According to Ralph what are the groups two main priorities?
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According to Ralph what are the groups two main priorites?

To quote directly from the book during the meeting in chapter 2: Fire on the Mountain.... Ralph said "And on the beach just now. This is what I thought. We want to have fun. And we want to be rescued."

What are the names of the two boys in lord of flies?

The two main boys are Ralph and Jack. They are leaders of their own groups.

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Lord of the Flies chapter 2 According to Ralph what are the groups two main priorities?

Two groups emerge in Lord of the Flies: Jack's group, which focuses on meat, and Ralph's group, which focuses on fire. These two groups represent uncivilized and civilized society, respectively. Jack's group cares only about the kill, being a more impulsive group focused on what they need right now, while Ralph's group is focused on the fire, which provides warm and is also their only hope for rescue. It could also be said that Jack's group is a dictatorship where Ralph's is closer to a democracy.

What 2 groups with differing goals are emerging?

When the conflict between Ralph and Jack gets bigger, the boys devide in two groups: Jack's and Ralph's group. the first one is more savage than the other. Ralph's group is only made up of Ralph, Simon, Piggy, Samneric and some of the little ones.

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Who seems to be Ralph main competition for leadership?