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Ground bass is the repeated melody in the bass that supports the melodies above it.

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a ground bass/basso ostinato

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Q: A short phrase repeated over and over in the bass is called?
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What is a ground bass?

ground bass is a short bass line which is repeated constantly throughout a piece.

Is double bass a concept behind Baroque music?

Do you mean ground bass? Ground bass is a short, recurring melodic pattern in the bass part of a composition that serves as the principal structural element. Whereas an ostinato pattern might be very short, a ground bass can last many bars before it is repeated. A ground bass is a feature of Baroque mustic.

What was Bach's short hand called?

Figured Bass

Ground bass in baroque and modern music?

‘Ground Bass ‘means a bass part which is repeated throughout the piece. Is a term used in Baroque Music but has the same meaning as it means a part which is repeated as a bass throughout the whole piece of music to structure it throughout the whole of it.The GroundBass isalso called ‘basso ostinato’ in Italian.hope this washelpfulbecause it was to me LOL

What does bass riff mean?

A series of notes that are repeated and played on a bass. Why this kolavari kolavari kolavari di!!!!!!!

Does Fender make 30 Inch Precision bass guitars?

Yes, they make the Mustang, a short scale bass. The Squier version is called the Bronco.

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It's pronounced 'base' as in the 'bass' from a subwoofer, not 'bass' as in the fish. If you actually listen to the song you can hear her pronounce it as 'base' (Obviously spelt as 'bass', but with the long A sound.)

What is the definition of an ostinarto?

Ostinato is the correct spelling. It is an Italian word meaning "stubborn". The English word "obstinate" comes from it.Ostinato is a musical term for a phrase or rhythm repeated over and over ("obstinate"??), often in the bass part. A good example of an ostinato is the repeated eighth note bass pattern played in Boogies. Another good example is the ostinato rhythm used over and over in Maurice Ravel's Bolero.

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A group of bass is called a shoal.

What nationality is the name Bass?

Bass is an English name. From Old French meaning 'low' or 'short'.

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