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Stabilizing selection

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Q: A river separates two groups of mice one black and the other all white. A beaver dam allows the mice to cross the river. Over time many gray mice are born. The river is lined with gray stones. Gray?
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What groups of rocks can sedimentary rocks be formed from?

lime stones?

What does a beaver use to work on a dam?

Beavers take the branches and drag the trunks to the water. then they add mud,stones,and sticks.

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What is the process of crushing rocks and stones?

First of all, rocks and stones are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for primary crushing, and then the rough materials are conveyed to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor for the further crushing. The vibrating screen separates the crushed stones or rocks according to their size, and the stones with larger size will be broken again by the impact crusher.

If you have no gallbladder where do the gall stones go?

It cant produce stones, because the what happens is the bile sits in the gall bladder and the bile dissolves some of the fats and allows it to be absorbed into the body.

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A mixture of sandlime water used as a lubracant to move stones?

A mortar, the lime mortar in particular is a soft mortar that allows flexibility on stones to move. The mortar is a breathable mortar that can allow moisture to move freely.

Why are chestnuts fried with small stones?

It will get cooked if it is fried with small stones. Stones allow yhe chestnuts to fry because the density and moving heat is conducted andthere fore allows it to fry. Mas selamat Micheal Jackson and Indian prata has conducted that experiment

What are three characteristics of prehistoric groups of people?

Wore animal skin for clothing. Stones to make tools. Hunted food by hand.