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Robail Gan Foreigean is about a collage student called paidí who is going to america for a summer job. he is a good worker and can set his hand to anything. in america he is staying with his uncle who is a contract worker. paidí works with his uncle.

paidí meets a lady called jackie , she is older than paidí but they still really like each other. jackie works as a tax adviser in a bank . paidí learns a lot about loans , accounts ect. from jackie.

paidi devises a plan to steal money. he robs small amounts of money from everyones account and adds it to his own to create a big fat account . the plan is going smashingly until paidí is caught by the FBI and is deported back to Ireland where the gardaí are waiting on him.

at the end of the story there is a seanfhoical(old irish saying) 'Filleann an feall at an bhfeallaire' (what goes around , comes around)

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Q: A review of the story Robail Gan Foreigean?
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