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Q: A bob of mass 50 g oscillates as a simple pendulum with an amplitude 5 cm and period 2 s Calculate the instantaneous velocity of the bob and the tension in the supporting thread?
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What is amlitude?

The greater the amplitude, the higher the intensity and the louder the sound.

What does distortion mean in music?

A clean tone is the sound a guitar string makes when it is plucked. A common sound manipulation trick used in rock, and well, most types of music involving guitars, is "distortion". Distortion is what gives the guitar that electric sound we all love. The intro to this song is a guitar that is clean (no distortion): The intro to this song is a guitar that is distorted: Sorry I can give you the technical specifications. Check this out:

What is dynamics on music?

dynamics are how the music is played at certain points of the song (loud, soft, soft to loud, loud to soft, etc.). Like ƒ is a dynamic mark instructing you to play louder.

Term for the quality of musical sound?

Timbre is more to do with the makeup of the sound than the pitch. The reason that different instruments have different timbres is down in most cases to the physics behind the way the sound is produced. For example, imagine the sound of a piano playing middle C, and then the same note played on a violin, and then on a xylophone. They are all the same note, but they all sound different because they produce the sound in different ways - a string hit with a felt hammer has a different quality to a string scraped with a bow or a shaped piece of wood hit with a beater. If you want to get into more detail, the waveform produced by the instrument can be analysed into a 'fundamental' (the main pitch) and a number of 'harmonics' mathematically related to the fundamental. The more harmonics, the 'brighter' the sound.

How is the highness or lowness of a sound determined?

The pitch of a sound is determined by listening to it. Those with what is called perfect pitch can usually tell what the pitch of a given sound is. The rest of us can use simple electronic equipment that can "read" the frequency of a given waveform.Recall that the mechanical energy we call sound has a pair of basic properties, those being frequency and amplitude. Many different electronic equipments (like an oscilloscope, for one) can be connected to a microphone to determine the pitch of a sound under investigation.

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Two waves meet at a time when one has the instantaneous amplitude A and the other has the instantaneous amplitude B Their combined amplitude at this time is?

A + b

Two waves meet at the same time when one has a instantaneous amplitude of A and the other has the instantaneous amplitude of B Their combined amplitude at this time is?

When two waves with amplitudes A and B meet at the same time, their combined amplitude is the sum of their individual amplitudes. Therefore, the combined amplitude at this time would be A + B.

When describing waves what does amplitude refer to?

The amplitude is the maximum amount it sways from the neutral position. If it oscillates about zero, then it would vary from a value of +A to -A, where A is the maximum Amplitude. The units of A will be determined by the type of wave.

What is amplitude modulation derive expression for am wave and modulation index?

the maximum amplitude of carrier wave varied with respect to instantaneous values of message signal is called amplitude modulation

How do you calculate the amplitude given the frequency and the wavelength?

Amplitude doesn't depend on frequency or wavelength, so even if you know them, you have no way to calculate amplitude.

The instantaneous value of current in an AC circuit is represented by 150 sin 2π x 30t What are the amplitude and frequency of the AC wave?

The amplitude is 150; 30

When 100g mass attached to a spring with constant 240Nm oscillates its velocity is 20cms at x equals negative 5cm what is the amplitude?

Please do your homework by yourself.

What is the relationship between amplitude and magnitude?

* The term peak amplitude, often shortened to amplitude, is the nonnegative value of the waveform's peak (either positive or negative). * The instantaneous amplitude of is the value of (either positive or negative) at time . * The instantaneous magnitude, or simply magnitude, of is nonnegative and is given by . ALSO Amplitude is the maximum displacement from equilibrium in a sinusoidal wave.Magnitude is just the value of something; typically refering to scalar quantities.

Do simple pendulum vibrates in vacuum?

It does oscillate. We have to use the word 'vibration' if the amplitude of oscillation is very very low. The prong of a fork vibrates. But simply pendulum oscillates.

Can amplitude calculate the frequency?

No. Amplitude and frequency of a wave are not related.Either one can change with no effect on the other one.

What will be the speed when amplitude and frequency is given?

In order to calculate the speed of a wave, you need to know the frequency and wavelength. Amplitude has no effect on the speed, so knowing the amplitude doesn't help.

When a guitar string is struck a standing wave is produced that oscillates with a large sustained amplitude pushing back and forth against the surrounding air to generate sound?

The frequencies of the sound and the oscillating string are the same.